Powell Software

We connect your employees.

Boost your workforce and upgrade productivity within your company. Powell Software develops Digital Workplace solutions that improve the employee experience, enabling companies to write their own “Future of Work” by using their entire workforce’s talent. Its revolutionary solutions are custom-made for your business and tailored to your specific requirements. Get it out of the box or create it yourself – all you have to do is pick a product suite and customize the features inside.

Powell Intranet

Powell Intranet, a workplace intranet intended for communication success and to encourage employee engagement, is a digital transformation tool from Powell Software. Powell Intranet provides an appealing, straightforward, and engaging experience that is open to all, allowing anybody to participate.

Powell Teams

An easy-to-use, well-organized, and manageable modern collaboration experience. Powell Teams is a Microsoft Teams app that improves user experience and governance. Use templates to collaborate on collective projects in ready-to-use Team spaces. With a smart dashboard, you can simplify navigation and search. Automate the approval process for teams, apply policies to ensure best practices, and keep track of sprawl.