Employee Onboarding Solution

Using Microsoft 365 and Adobe Sign to Create a Cost-Effective, Time-Saving Employee Onboarding Solution

The Challenge

Vantage 365 is a Microsoft 365 consultancy based in the West Midlands. The organisation needed to implement systems to manage the onboarding of new employees. As a small company, the administration involved in staff recruitment was taking a great deal of time. The organisation was looking to minimise human input, maximum use of technology to automate as much as possible, and to make the process faster and more efficient.

The organisation needed this to commence with sending out the job offer letter and generation of the contract based on the parameters set for the new employee. In addition, they required automatic utilisation of an e-signature on the contract. Finally, when the signed contract is received back, it is to be stored in the profile for the employee.

The Solution

Utilising the technology stack which Vantage use most of all, which is Microsoft 365, an area was created for basic new employee information such as name, contact email address, telephone numbers, etc. Based on that, there is a button which is pressed to say “start the onboarding process”.

The system will then build the offer letter which is a word document that is automatically generated from a template and populated with the key information including job, role, hours, salary, holiday entitlement, etc. The system will PDF the letter and send it to the new employee.

Upon acceptance, by pressing another button the onboarding process is commenced and the new employee is sent a form to fill in, to ensure that the details are correct and to collect any additional information required. On receipt of that form all of that extra data is transferred to the employee’s profile.

Next the contract is constructed automatically, converted to a PDF, uploaded into Adobe Sign and then sent across to the new employee for signature. Upon return of the signed contract it is countersigned by the organisation and finally stored in the person’s profile.

Consequently, the need for the organisation to manually create all these different types of documents, has been significantly reduced. There is added confidence that no essential onboarding step will be missed, as the automated process will definitely be followed. The possibility of errors is diminished, as every document is going to be based on the original, consistent template. The language is always going to be the same, certain fields will just be tailored to each employee’s specification. The whole process is professional, streamlined, efficient and saves the organisation time.

Matt is delighted to be ‘drinking his own champagne’ because he has come up with the perfect solution just by utilising everything he already has available in Office 365. Furthermore this is a time-saving, cost-effective HR solution he can replicate for other clients.

The Result

The organisation has only employed one person so far, but the system has been fantastic!