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Microsoft 365 solutions to help your business achieve more

We’re a specialist provider of Microsoft 365 support and services to help you enhance collaboration, improve productivity and maximise the value of your subscription.

Get the most from Microsoft 365

Our Services

From expert-led consultancy and bespoke solution development through to support and training, our Microsoft 365 services include:

Digital Transformation

Whatever your needs, from communications and collaboration to remote working and cybersecurity, we can design a Microsoft 365 solution to help you achieve digital transformation.

Strategy & Consultancy

From developing a long-term ICT strategy to ongoing consultancy to helping you get the most from your technology, we can provide ongoing support to ensure the success of your digital workplace.

Training & Adoption

Implementing new technology does not guarantee success. We’ll work with you to support all your users with the training and guidance they need to ensure successful adoption across your business.


Microsoft 365’s Power Platform includes hundreds of connectors to services that can supercharge your apps and automation. We can help you unleash the true power of your web services.

Make your business better with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers so much more than just email, Word and Excel. It’s a powerful suite of enterprise tools that boost communication, collaboration, flexibility and productivity, aid business growth and enable digital transformation. To get the most from it, you need a technology partner who understands how to make Microsoft 365 work for your business, so you can unleash its full potential.

That’s where Vantage 365 can help. As a silver small business Microsoft Partner, we’ve created and implemented bespoke Microsoft 365 solutions for hundreds of clients to help them reap the full benefits. From initial design and configuration to implementation, migration and integration, our experienced and accredited Microsoft 365 experts will guide you through every stage of the process. We can even manage your Microsoft 365 deployment to help you get the most from your investment.

Our story

About Vantage 365

Vantage 365 is a specialist consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes get the most from their investment in Microsoft 365’s powerful suite of business tools and productivity apps. We’re on a mission to help all our clients realise their true potential by optimising their technology, capabilities and performance.

Our expert team of Microsoft 365 consultants has years of experience in creating bespoke solutions and strategies to futureproof client businesses and help them thrive. We can do the same for you, enabling you to fully take advantage of your technology to drive continuous efficiency, productivity and improvement.

Set your business free


Enhanced collaboration

Harness the power of a new generation of remote working and productivity-based apps to enhance collaboration and bring your team closer together.

Scales with your business 

Take control of your budgets, manage your monthly spend and pay for only what you use with a Microsoft 365 solution that grows with your business.

Your favourite apps

Get instant access to all your favourite Microsoft apps and services from any location, on any device, to extend the technology you’ve built your business on.

Intelligent security

Boost your security, protect your data and ensure compliance with intelligent identity and access management, threat protection and cybersecurity tools.

Our difference

Why Vantage 365?

Our team of experts are passionate about helping businesses to reach further and achieve more by unleashing the full power and potential of Microsoft 365’s advanced technologies. We can help your business achieve digital transformation through the integration of Microsoft services, the automation of time-consuming manual processes and the training and support your staff need to adopt these new ways of working.

Whatever stage of your cloud journey you’re at, whether you’re just starting out, looking to level up or run a large business with complex IT needs, we’ll work closely with you to deliver a solution that helps you meet your objectives.